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There is no question that listing your property on the internet is the most effective use of your advertising dollars. The audience is targeted and motivated!

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Your vacation property can easily be listed on one of the busiest and most popular internet accommodation guides.

No commissions

We take no commissions and make no charges to up-date existing listings. There are no hidden costs.

No computer Knowledge needed

No computer knowledge is needed! We have the expertise to get your vacation property online instantly. Fill out the information and pay the listing fee and your classified ad will start receiving targeted traffic.


Each listing gives the visitor a full description of the accommodation and it includes:

  • color pictures
  • contact information
  • availability calendar
  • map location
  • weather
  • and a 'hot' link to the owner's web page.

These are just a few feature we make available to property owners. More details?

Quick & easy for visitors

The search process is user-friendly with consistent formatting to ensure visitors can easily locate, view and compare properties. To permit faster loading pages we use 'thumbnail' images which can be enlarged with the simple click of a mouse.

Visitors see all listings

Clicking on a link to a property owner's web page will open the site in a separate 'window', while keeping the original listings page open. This ensures the visitor, after exiting the linked site, will return to the property listings and resume their search.

For Rent By Owner

Our "gateway" sister site - HOLIDAYHOMES.CA in Canada (, serves to drive more visitor traffic to the main holiday homes canada web site. The use of content-rich 'gateway' sites are a recognized method of improving traffic from the major search engines.

Visitors have the ability to view the holiday homes website in a choice of 8 languages, including French, German and Spanish. The translation service is provided by Google and will give non-English speaking visitors added confidence to navigate our site and view your listing in the language of their choice.
The translation will extend to any property-owner web sites we link to, rendering them in the language chosen by the visitor. Go ahead and give it a try.
This translation service is also available from our sister 'gateway' site For Rent By Owner in Canada.

Top level domains

To further maintain the integrity of our site and ensure visitors view all available listings we provide clickable links to top level owners' web sites only. For example we will link to: '' but not to ''.

Essentially, a top level domain is a name/site that is owned and/or controlled by the property owner. We treat web sites posted on "free" space provided by hosting companies for the exclusive use of their customers as top level domains. Example: ''.

Number of visitors

The site attracts thousands of 'hits' every day from around the world! (For the latest statistics, including an independent audit of our site performance and countries of origin for visitors click here).


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Advice, tips & pitfalls to avoid

We have put together a resource section which is designed to smooth the way for property owners planning to rent their furnished property for the first time. It also contains many useful tips for the experienced property owner who realizes there's always something new to learn!

It has been compiled from information supplied by the people who know best - property owners with hands-on experience of rentals. This combined experience adds up to many hundreds of years of renting! The invaluable wisdom gained from these property owners is presented for the benefit of anyone planning to follow in their footsteps. To view click here.

Listing requirements for all properties

Visitors expect the property they rent, including the furnishings, fixtures and equipment, to be maintained in a sound and clean condition and to be fit for the purposes intended. All descriptions must accurately reflect the nature of the accommodation, sleeping arrangements and amenities provided.

For additional requirements for rental homes please read Property Requirements for Rental Homes or click here for a full description of each service.

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If you have a recreational or commercial tourism property for sale click here., at their sole discretion, reserves the right to refuse inclusion of properties which are deemed to be unsuitable. For more information contact us.