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June 2007 newsletter

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  • Holiday Homes news
    Holiday Homes new web design
  • Monthly special
    Reminder! Offer ends June 30th
  • Canadian travel news
    Frontier first US low cost airline to serve Vancouver
  • US Border a 'leap of faith':
    Report Fredericton downtown culture crawl events expanded holiday
    Canada RevPAR
  • International travel news
    Holiday travelers ignoring fuel cost
    Americans make a beeline for Eastern Europe British spend £1,744 on the average holiday
  • Internet info
    Visitor traffic
  • Advice for the property owner

Holiday Homes news

Holiday Homes new web design
Very exiting times with Holiday Homes brand. We are redesigning the site. The design is almost done and now we are in process of tying it to the new database. I believe this will give you, our customers, a lot of flexibility, from being able to add, change and modify your listing 24/7. Also the site surfing will improve tremendously and give visitors very easy access to the properties.
Stay tuned for more information!

Monthly Special

Reminder! Offer ends June 30th
If you thought to join Holiday Homes, now it is the time to do it.
Purchase any service before 30th of June 2007 using the promotional code HHCJ30 and enjoy the worldwide exposure of your business in time for Vancouver 2010.
Details below:
2 years listing for the price of 1 year for any services on, Canadian premier accommodation guide.

Note: This offer is valid for new customers only!

Canadian travel news

Frontier first US low cost airline to serve Vancouver
A new international low-cost carrier is now flying into Vancouver, with the introduction of Frontier Airlines of Denver. It is the first U.S.-based low-cost airline to enter the market.
Frontier started operating flights between Denver and Vancouver in early May, on a daily, non-stop basis.
The airline flies Airbus A319 aircraft and gives their passengers the essentials of low-cost service. United Airlines is the only other carrier that operates between the two cities. Frontier says its airfares are between 20 and 30 per cent lower than its "legacy" airline competitors.
The Frontier service was launched in May with a view to serving passengers who are booked on to Alaska cruise holidays that depart from Vancouver. The schedule will be adjusted in October to better suit southbound Canadians seeking routes to Mexican destinations, but the airline will also carry Americans north to Vancouver for winter ski vacations.
Frontier also operates a Denver-to-Calgary route.

US Border a 'leap of faith': Report
The American plan to require passports for all Canadian travellers is a "leap of faith" with unknown economic consequences, says a new report.
The Network on North American Studies in Canada is warning that no one on either side of the border has done a comprehensive study of the economic impact of the move.
"We really don't know what impact it's going to have on trans-border trade," said Donald Abelson, a political science professor from the University of Western Ontario and one of the authors of the report.
"Policy-makers on both sides have to wake up and understand that this issue can have tremendous ramifications on both sides of the border.
"We're taking a leap of faith."
Since the start of this year, Canadian air travellers to the U.S. have been required to show a passport under the so-called Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative. It will be extended to land and sea border points by 2009.
Abelson said the policy has already cost Canada hundreds of millions in lost tourism revenue and is urging a broad study of the economic impact.
The report says there are a number of issues, from tourism to privacy, that still must be addressed. It urges governments to make a bigger effort to tell people about the changes which are coming because high percentages of people in Canada and the U.S. are ill-informed on the issue.
It also calls for close co-operation between governments to solve the technological and social issues that surround the passport question. Without such co-operation, the border could end up clogged beyond imagining, Abelson warned.
The Americans are talking about a sort of wallet-sized passport for crossing the border, but that's still in the planning stages. The state of Washington is preparing a pilot project to use a souped-up driver's licence as a border-crossing document.
There is also talk of using biometric technology to encode fingerprints or retinal patterns in a passport or similar document. Other plans include putting radio chips in documents which can be read as the traveller approaches the border agent.
Canada has no such plans in the works.
Abelson said Ottawa has to play catch-up: "Canada has allowed the United States to carry the ball."

Fredericton downtown culture crawl events expanded holiday
Fredericton, NB - Two Downtown Culture Crawls held last summer were so well attended that organizers have decided to expand the popular event to five dates this summer and add even more venues.
"Culture Crawl is a great opportunity for people who don't necessarily visit art galleries to get a bunch of friends together for a night of fun and culture," says Amy Wood of Downtown Fredericton. "Crawlers follow a self-guided tour of the downtown galleries and studios at their own pace. You can bounce around from gallery to gallery and see a wide variety of art and fine craft. It's a fun way to spend an evening"
The Culture Crawl series begins May 24 and will be held on the fourth Thursday of the month from May to September. The dates are May 24, June 28, July 26, August 23 and September 27.
This year has been designated Craft Year by the Canadian Craft Federation and there will be special exhibits, open house tours, and fine craft demonstrations to celebrate fine craft.
A number of exhibitions showcasing fine craft are planned this summer, including three at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery. A Leap of Faith includes selected works from the faculty of the NB College of Craft and Design (NBCCD) showcasing the best in New Brunswick craft production today. A contemporary glass sculpture exhibition will include pieces by national artists. Materialize - Contemporary Craft in New Brunswick features cutting edge work from the province's premier craft artists, all members of the NB Craft Council.
The Gallery at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design will host a 2007 graduating class show with a selection of the best works from each of the studios at the college. The NBCCD Gallery will also host an exhibition from the Metal Arts Guild of Canada.
City Hall Gallery celebrates 2007 Craft Year with an exhibit of fine craft by local artists Brigette Clavette, Janice Wright-Cheney, Shanie Stozek, and Denise Richard.
A complete list of locations are: Charlotte Street Arts Centre Gallery, Gallery 78, Beaverbrook Art Gallery, Botinicals Gift Shop Inc., York-Sunbury Museum, Sue Lawrence, Bejewel, The Barracks Fine Craft Shops, The Gallery at NB College of Craft & Design, Gallery Connexion, City Hall Gallery, Mazerolle Gallery, Aitken's Pewter, and Ingrid Mueller Art + Concepts.
Brochures with gallery maps and exhibition listings are available at participating locations as well as the City Hall Visitor Information Centre. Brochures can also be downloaded from the Downtown Fredericton website: If you can't attend one of the scheduled Culture Crawl events, you can follow the route in the brochure throughout the summer and do your own Culture Crawl.

Canadian RevPAR

Latest lodging report (week ending May 26th) from the Canadian hotel industry showing 'revenue per available room' (RevPAR).

Province RevPAR*
Alberta $94.14
British Columbia $114.3
Manitoba $62.14
New Brunswick $63.40
Newfoundland & Labrador $87.54
Nova Scotia $81.58
Ontario $88.01
Prince Edward Island $33.59
Québec $93.58
Saskatchewan $70.51
Canada $75.82

*RevPAR is typically defined as room revenue divided by rooms available.

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International travel news

Holiday travelers ignoring fuel cost
Soaring gas prices did not appear to be deterring Americans from hitting the road and airports this Memorial Day weekend for what many expect will be record holiday travel.
"Even with the record high gasoline prices … we are not seeing any indication that motorists have abandoned their holiday weekend travel plans," said Geoff Sundstrom, spokesman for AAA, the national auto club.
One in eight Americans will travel more than 50 miles from home this weekend, the Travel Industry Association and AAA said.
That represents 38 million travelers, 2% more than last year's record. More than 32 million of them will travel by car, truck or RV, the groups say.
Those travelers will find gas prices averaging $3.10 for a gallon of regular, up 24 cents from one month ago and more than 17 cents higher than it was at this time last year, the auto club says.

Americans make a beeline for Eastern Europe
A survey by America's largest travel agency chain, AAA, reveals that bookings for eastern Europe this summer are 'skyrocketing' in percentage terms.
AAA has more than 1,100 agencies in the States, generating just shy of $4bn-worth of sales. The stats refer to bookings in place on May 1 for travel taking place between June and August this summer.
Tour bookings to Europe in general are down by 2.4% compared with last summer, but travel to Eastern Europe is up by 55%. Croatia is 69% ahead; Slovenia 100%: Poland 10%, Hungary 76%. Romania is up 'an incredible' 700%.
'Americans love Western Europe, and the UK, France and Italy continue to be top destinations,' said Sandy Hughes, vice president of AAA Travel. 'But places like Poland, Croatia and Hungary appeal to repeat visitors who have already cut their teeth on the classic icons of Western Europe. Travellers are looking for bragging rights as the first among their friends to visit places like Warsaw and Budapest.'
While eastern Europe booms, travel to the UK is down 1.9% with Ireland 10.4% behind. On the continent, Italy is 0.7% down and Germany is 43% down. France however, is ahead 40%. 'Increased air services, positive media coverage of that part of the world and increased tourism promotion have also increased interest in Eastern Europe,' the AAA said.

British spend £1,744 on the average holiday 
British travelers spend more money on holidays, holiday more often, use the internet more for booking their next holiday and are increasingly worried about terrorism whilst on their travels.
These were some of the findings of a survey of 3,500 European travellers by Europe Assistance.
According to the survey, the British spend €2579 (£1,744) on their average holiday, more than any other country.
This compares with Germany €2025, Italy €2029€, France €2006 and Spain €1910.
However, the UK figure has dropped slightly compared to 2006 when the average holiday budget was €2795 € (£1,892).
In addition, the British will go on more holidays per year than their European counterparts with 47% saying they intend to travel more than once in 2007, compared to a European average of just 23%.
The survey found that 39% of British travelers declared the threat of terrorist attacks would have an impact on their holiday period while just 25% said a threat of a natural disaster would impact their choice of destination against a survey average of 27%.
According to EA, 51% of British travelers use the Internet to book holidays, compared to 39% of Europeans.
"The survey reinforces the British public's love of holidaying and how they not only have the highest budget for holidaying but they also travel more than their European neighbours," explained Charles Walckenaer, managing director of Europ Assistance UK and Ireland.
"It goes without saying that the internet now plays an integral part in the process of researching and booking a holiday, but what is interesting is the impact that issues such as terrorism and health risks are having on holidays.
"European travelers are very resilient, but it's obvious they have these issues on their minds and safety is now much more of a consideration for countries like England and Spain than ever before."
The survey was completed by research specialists Ipsos in France, Germany, Britain, Italy, Spain, Belgium and Austria.


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