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About Us - FRBO.CA has been online from 1999 and has been designed to provide vacation home owners a online portal to advertise their rental property. offers the complete package for all your holiday needs through an easy to use search facility.

The online booking has been increasing over the years and we believe that the online booking industry is going to grow steady for years to come. By tailoring this site to a VISITORS and OWNERS needs, you have a complete package for your holiday accommodation.

Our focus is to give you, the OWNER maximum advertising, so you receive the utmost benefits from your clients.

Our goal is to achieve a user friendly membership, along with a professional approach website, among the best in the industry, to ensure our clients get the maximum amount of worldwide exposure and to enable as many bookings as possible for the OWNERS to achieve the best return on their holiday home or investment property at a best possible price.

Please feel free to contact us anytime if you have any further questions, thank you.