Frequently Asked Questions

How do you promote your site?

Our site is 'spidered' on a regular basis by all the major search engines. During the past 12 months the top 3 referrers to our site were 1.Google, 2.Yahoo! & 3.MSN. We currently enjoy a high page ranking of "5" with Google, the most popular search engine. Using the keyword "Canada" we advertise with the ISEDN (Independent Search Engine & Directory Network) which is a group of smaller search engines and directories (165+) that boasts an impressive search volume of over 150 million monthly searches. A 'gateway' web site we have established, For Rent By Owner in Canada, also serves to direct visitors looking for rental accommodation to our site. similarly enjoys a high page ranking of "5" with Google. We advertise on Pay Per Click portals (AdWords, Yahoo, MSN and others).

How much traffic does your site generate?

Over the past 12 months our site has attracted over 1½ million 'hits' from 90+ countries around the world. We always post the latest monthly statistics, including the number of 'unique visitors', the countries of origin for the visitors, and this information can be accessed by clicking Statistics. The performance report on our web site is verified and a report provided by an independent auditor.

Where do visitors to your site come from?

Primarily from Canada and the U.S.A. Although a significant number access our site from Europe. For a complete breakdown of the countries of origin for visitors to our site take a look at our statistics page (up-dated monthly), which can be accessed by clicking on Statistics.

Why isn't my town/city/area shown on the search page?

If you don't see your town/city/area listed on the search page it means we currently don't have any listings for that particular location. We would be happy to add a new town/city/area to the search page and link it directly to your new listing.


Our listing packages allows for eight images. The listing provides for a 'hot' link to an owners web site where more pictures can be made available for the visitor to view.

Can I include the web address of another site in my description?

Directing visitors to another site is not in the best interest of property owners who want visitors to 'stick' at a site in which they are listed. Directing visitors off-site may mean they will fail to return, not only to your listing, but also to view other listings. Also by directing them to another site you open up the possibility of them conducting a new search at that site. Obviously we want the visitor to view all our customer listings, including yours. To maintain the integrity of our site, therefore, we do not allow off-site addresses to be included, however, we will continue to provide clickable 'hot' links to owners own (top level domain) web sites.


If your property is completely self-contained, with a separate private entrance, we highly recommend listing in many categories. The annual listing fee for a second (and subsequent) listing reduces as per listing cost.

How much does it cost to edit my listing?

Nothing. It's free, just log in and do all the changes 24/7.

How often can my listing be changed?

As often as required.

Can I edit my own listing?

Yes absolutely, this is possible at all times. To edit a listing just login in the secured owners area and do all needed changes.

If I sell my property can the listing be transferred to the new owners?

Yes - at no charge.

How do I get my property featured on the home page?

Properties are highlighted on our home page, are pay base and can be listed either in specialised listing (Near Golf Courses, Ski Chalets) or futured listing. Check the rental listing serviced to find more about various listing packages available for home page listing. We are unable to feature a property with no image available.

How can I pay for my listing?

We offer four options to pay for your listing:
1. Credit card - MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express
2. PayPal - If you do not already have a PayPal account, you can sign up for a free account here 
3. Cheque or Money Order for Canadian residents payable to
mailed to the address shown below:
401-6088 Wilson Ave
Burnaby, BC, Canada, V5H 2R6

How can I tell if I get referrals through you?

If a visitor contacts you by using the e-mail link we have established on your listing, the e-mail will arrive with your e-mail address followed by "" (This assumes the visitor makes no changes to the formatted link on your listing).

It has been our experience, however, that most visitors will access your web site (if you have one), for more information, prior to contacting you. Of course, one of our primary functions is to direct interested and motivated visitors to your web site. However, once a visitor links to an owner's web site we lose track of them. It should be possible to obtain the source of click-throughs (referrals), to your site, from your Internet Service Provider (ISP) - the host of your web site. (For example, the top three sources of referrals to our site, last year, were 1.Google, 2.Yahoo and 3.MSN - three of the most popular search engines). Looking at your referrers will tell you who's linked to your site and, more importantly, who's driving traffic to your site. Check with your ISP to find out how to retrieve these statistics.

If you don't know where your visitors are coming from - and in what numbers - you can't effectively measure the benefits of any advertising. Checking statistics for your site should be a regular activity, and if you're not doing it already, now's the time to start.

Unfortunately, if you don't have your own domain name or if the web site is posted on "free" space (Shaw, Rogers, Telus, etc.) these stats may not be available to you. But ask anyway, you never know! One of the best ways of determining the source of business is your guests, however, this is not without its problems. Statistics tell us that the majority of people looking for accommodation will visit 4 to 6 different sites in the course of their search - many up to 10 sites - and may not remember exactly how they initially found you!

Do you have a privacy policy?

The nature of our site is such that we wish to make it as easy as possible for visitors to contact property owners, therefore, owners will be contacted though contact form or telephone numbers. This will, unfortunately, result in abuse by some marketers, often in the form of unsolicited junk mail, known as 'spam'. There is little that can be done to prevent this - it is the price we pay for high visibility on the Internet. (For further information and advice about the use of 'spam' filters please visit our Advice page). We wish to reassure our customers, however, that we never give, sell, rent or lease our mailing lists to any third party advertisers.