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When traveling to places you enjoyed or had some other impressions use this feedback page to help other to choose and enjoy their vacation.

Please send us an e-mail to and we will post your travel experience or advice on this page.

NAME: Gladys            LOCATION: Worldwide            THEME: Timeshare
DESCRIPTION: Everybody enjoys a vacation. No matter where you are or what you do, everybody needs a break once in a while. However, vacations have not always been financially feasible for everyone. Traveling can be expensive and depending on your ideal destination, quite time consuming, but there is some good news. Over the past decade the travel industry has experienced vast improvements in the lodging field. More specifically, timeshares have become very high quality accommodations and the increased popularity has allowed for elevated accessibility.
The days of timeshare sales only pertaining to the upper class and well to do have long since passed. Vacation destinations all across the world feature affordable timeshares. To take advantage of even more cost-effective options look into timeshares resale at A resale is the same property as those offered by resorts, the exception being that resales are sale-by-owner. This allows vacationers to avoid paying rates that are inflated by the costs of large-scale advertising ventures by brand name resorts.
Other options for travelers who are looking to save money on great vacations are timeshare rentals. Rentals provide a completely stress-free environment. There are no maintenance fees and there is no contractual obligation. As with all timeshares for sale vacationers avoid the pressure of accumulating day-to-day lodging rates.
Worldwide Destinations
There are countless wonderful locations in nearly all regions across the globe. Every continent with exception of Antarctica has owners who want to sell timeshares @ Your ideal holiday escape may be to a tropical island, golf resort, slope side villa, serene lake, big city or historic district. The beauty of timeshares is that you can experience them all. Exchange companies allocate travelers the option to trade their property for others in different areas. This way you can fashion the timeshare lifestyle to your wants and needs.

NAME: William            LOCATION: Canada            THEME: Scam
Description: Our listing was picked up by a scam artist using a name with initials JL out of the UK who approached us through e-mail with a fraudulent proposition to purchase the property. He initially tried to bargain the price but quickly withdrew from asking for a reduction and agreed to pay the full purchase price for the property. He requested a lot of details about the property and it all seemed very legitimate. JL asked us to open a business bank account to transfer a down payment of $120,000.00 from his company to our account. We talked to our bank representative regarding the safety of transferring funds into our personal bank account and was it possible to transfer in large sums in payment for a real estate transaction. He assured us the account was safe and could handle any amount of cash and that the depositor could not access our funds. We advised JL that we would be using our personal bank account to accept the funds and sent the details required by him to transfer funds. He handed the transaction off to "his agent" with a name starting with initials SK and advised that we were to pay out 40% of this first payment to his agent. We were contacted by SK who detailed how we should pay out the funds to him. JL and SK have two separate e-mail addresses but we became suspicious when we noticed that JL and SK made the same grammatical errors in their e-mail messages, both typed in a mixture of small and large case and always used the small 'i' instead of a capital "I" when referring to themselves. We learned in discussion with our friends that there are fraudulent offerings to purchase real estate such as this going on at present. Apparently the wired cash transfer will clear through the bank and show as cash in your account. If you transfer the requested funds out of your account to a third party within a couple of weeks you will learn from your bank that the deposit was not valid (it takes some time for the bank to complete transfers of funds) and they require the funds you have transferred out to be repaid. We told JL and SK that we would not pay funds out of our account that the agents fee should be sent directly to the agent by JL and whatever funds he paid to us would remain in our account, that our account was set to receive payments and we would not pay any funds out of the account in regard to this transaction. We advised them that we would only proceed with a simple buy sell arrangement free from complications. If JL wished to purchase the property he was to pay us the money and we would transfer the property to him. We have not heard from either JL or SK since.

NAME: Alexander          LOCATION: Canada           THEME: Scam
Description: Please be aware on one of scams. I am 99% sure he, "Jim" (just films2  (at) is a fraud from Nigeria. He pretends to put money in your account, then he asks for it back because his wife is dying and he can not access his bank account from Nigeria. I talked to my bank and they told me it takes 30-60 days for the money to actually clear, because it is an international money transfer. You may want to warn other members of this scam.

NAME: Robert               LOCATION: Canada           THEME: Scam advice for property owners 
Description: I get quite a few attempts, generally speaking they are quite easy to recognize. Being from the UK and knowing how the telephone and address system works the first alert to a scam is the use of a mobile / cell phone number - they are always 10 digits -  usually when you call, you will not be connected. Scammers do not like to talk in case you record the conversation and they don't like to use land line telephone numbers as they can be traced unlike mobile / cell pay as you go phones. Land line numbers can be easily checked on the Internet by searching the UK telephone directory. There is almost always a story of some sort in their first communication which should set the alarm bells ringing. By answering that first message, you are giving them your personal e-mail address (unless you have your message reply to show another e-mail address) which they can use when and how they choose, this can be very damaging to your business and reputation. If you do decide to follow up their communication, I would suggest asking for their land line number, bankers land line number and address and address of some reputable business they have dealt with. It is most unlikely that they will provide this information. If they really want to do business and you have ignored the first communication, a genuine person will come back to you. Real money is much better than scammers hassle, grief and banking costs to find it is a scam. Most basic information concerning telephone and addresses can be searched for free on the Internet and worth looking at if you have any suspicions about an inquiry.

NAME: John                 LOCATION: Canada           THEME: Another scam trick 
Description: I have been contacted by an individual after sending him the price info on my property, so be aware of this scam trick:
Thanks for your response,
I am okay with the condition of the unit and the price is okay $590 /m, do email me the details for payment so that i can contact my friend to send payment for the first and last month rent to secure the place because i am still on vacation in UK.

Do email me the following details for the payment...

Name to be written on bank draft..........
your full detail address.........................
Your Tel/mobile.................. ...............
Banks name.........................................
Once i get there i`ll sign the lease and also provide every other details needed before having the keys .

I await your prompt response,

NAME: Dina                 LOCATION: Canada           THEME: Scammers have moved to craiglist 
Description: Latest message (with million of mistakes) I got from Craiglist advertising, please pass it on to your clients:
Hello goodmonring and happy new year to you, i was searching for an good vacation home on Craigslist when i saw ur ad which i am okay with the price for my trip, i will like to know if there will be chance for 1th of febuary to 7th of febuary and reply me with the price for the 7 days which i am going to be there kindly reply me now becos i need it urgent to pass the price to my company so they can pay me the traveling trip payment as soon as the office start for the new year. thanks and hope to read from you asap.

NAME: Ana                  LOCATION: Canada            THEME: Old scam is back 
Description: Just wanted to let you know of a scam. Its an old one but sure could catch someone that didn't know about it. I got a very nice e-mail from someone in UK wanting to rent my log cabin I have listed with you. E-mails back and forth agreeing on dates and amount. Then an e-mail saying he would send a bank cheque for $6,000.00 as a deposit but he needed $2,800 back for travel expenses. Be aware home owners!